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Stateline Professional Cleaning Service understands the demands of everyday life and they do not allow people to do their house cleaning without having to sacrifice a more important event or task. Coming home to a clean environment is our specialty. We will customize our service to your standards.

This List is Our Standard, we hope you will agree and allot for the time needed to do a complete job in all aspects of your cleaning Reminder: Clients are always welcome to supply their own products for use in the home (we can even discount the rate accordingly).



Why Us?

  • Fully Insured & Bonded up to $3,000,000
  • Eco Friendly products & equipment are provided at no additional fee
  • 48 Hour Guarantee - We will re-clean or fix the area for free
  • 24/7 Online Scheduling Available
  • Office Hours from Monday - Sat 9:00AM - 6:00PM & Sun Closed
  • Community Efforts: Local Food Drive

Living and Dining Areas

  • Check for cobwebs, and dust everything high up. (Example: ceiling fans, crown molding and door trim).
  • Dust all blinds, drapes and ledges.
  • Spot clean windows – close all drapes and blinds.
  • Dust pictures, knick knacks and dust all furniture.
  • Remove cushions from furniture and whisk out crumbs.
  • Spot clean walls, clean light switches and all baseboards.
  • Vacuum all areas and move all light furniture (carefully)
  • Be sure to check and vacuum door tracks.
  • Vacuum underneath all heavy furniture.
  • Mop our way out.

Bathroom Areas

  • Check for cobwebs and dust everything high up.
  • Put dirty laundry (towels) in the dirty hamper.
  • Clean shower walls and doors (curtain), work down to the tub.
  • Clean bath tub, including rinsing and polishing fixtures.
  • Spot clean walls, clean light switches and dust baseboards.
  • Clean sinks, mirrors and countertop, polish everything.
  • Thoroughly clean the toilet and surrounding area.
  • Empty trash, clean and replace bag.
  • Vacuum floor and mop our way out.

Kitchen Area

  • Dust everything high up, including the cabinets.
  • Clean refrigerator including seals, trays, bins, shelves etc.
  • Clean microwave: inside, tray, top, and door.
  • Ask to remove any open food or trash.
  • Clean out coffee pot, especially the grids.
  • Clean all countertops, and front of cabinets.
  • Clean out the sink; polish stainless if necessary.
  • Clean stove top, including fan hood.
  • Clean oven (if instructed), including racks and drawer.
  • Empty dishwasher and clean seals (if necessary).
  • Empty trash and clean receptacle, replace bag.
  • Clean and dust any other areas. (Including knick knacks and baseboards).
  • Vacuum and mop our way out.

Bedroom Areas

  • Check for cobwebs and dust everything high up.
  • Dust blinds and drapes also spot clean inside windows and do mirrors.
  • Dust all other furniture, including pictures, knick-knacks and baseboards, etc.
  • Spot clean walls, and clean light switches.
  • Vacuum floors and underneath any furniture.
  • Mop our way out.

Other Areas

  • Spot clean doors (including sliding glass) and handles.
  • Clean and dust air conditioner vents and returns.
  • Check air conditioner filters
  • Change air conditioner filters when necessary.


Need something that you don't see on our list? …..Or do you need us to pay special attention to a certain area of your house? Check Our Additional Service List below … and if don't find your answer, we will graciously customize a cleaning plan to caterer to your specific needs, or add special instructions whenever you need something extra. All of our services are built around you, your home and your needs, and we are always happy to provide services that match your needs and budget. Submit a quote or Call 908.343.6447

Additional Services

In addition to general services, we have an additional “detailed” service that we offer to better every aspect of any place we clean. We are prepared to provide the following extra services: (upon request and approval):

  • Dryer vent cleaning (you may be paying double to dry your clothes).
  • Detailed washing of walls.
  • Detailed washing of windows, cleaning of window tracks & screens.
  • Detailed washing of baseboards.
  • Detailed washing of fixed light fixture coverings.
  • Detailed cleaning of the interiors of china cabinets, hutches, etc.
  • Detailed cleaning and organization of kitchen or bathroom cabinets.
  • Detailed cleaning of items outside of the home, porches, garages, etc.
  • We have power washers available.
  • Vacuuming of upholstery or draperies.
  • Cleaning of fireplaces.
  • Taking garbage and recycling bins to the street.


Proudly serving Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Phillipsburg and surrounding communities